Accident Assistance, Towing, Removal and Recovery

Have you been in a car accident?  Call American Truck Repair at 573-446-9999.  We are your trusted Columbia, Missouri Tow Service. 

We offer full-service 24/7 accident assistance, accident towing services, removal and recovery of vehicles in the Columbia, Missouri area.  You can request our accident assistance and towing services, by informing the police officer on scene that you want to use American Truck Repair to help you with your vehicle towing or simply call us at 573-446-9999.  

Vehicles that are towed from an accident are stored in our secure tow yard, located conveniently off of Stadium and I-70.  Vehicles are stored in our gated and secure tow yard that is monitored by 24/7 by our team.  

Accident assistance and accident towing are a high priority for our team.  We understand that accidents can be stressful and we know that you are counting on us at a stressful time.  We want to help take the stress and burden of a car accident off of you.  Simple call us and we will be there immediately to assess the accident and safely tow your vehicle to your secure tow yard.  

Stay Prepared and Safe

The best way to avoid being in car accident is to stay prepared and react to any situation that presents itself while you are driving. In some cases, you aren't able to react fast enough and situations can present themselves that you can't prepare for.  Preparation consists of many different items, for example: having a spare tire, having the proper tools to change a flat tire, knowing who to call when an accident happens, etc.  After you have contacted local authorities of the car accident, you can give us a call to help you with your accident.  Simply save our number in your phone and call us if you ever need to.  We hope that you never have to call us, but if you have our phone stored in your phone, we will be there immediately to help you when you need it the most.  The condition of your vehicle after the accident is not an issue.  We have a full service towing and recovery team, that can help you with your vehicle.  

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